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Coaching and Mentoring

In fact during each session there seemed to be a moment where, figuratively speaking, I felt the light had been switched on! Manager, Exeter

I found her approach to be supportive, clear-thinking, firm and encouraging wherever necessary. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an archetypical professional coach to anyone who is committed to personal development/wishing to make changes in their business. Kemi Oladapo, Positive Impact

For the professional

  • Business Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Consultancy
  • Team Building
  • Group facilitation
  • Training in all areas of Interpersonal Skills

Working with individuals, businesses and organisations to:

  • Identify and achieve goals
  • Attain work/life balance
  • Fulfil potential
  • Maintain development
  • Reduce stress
  • Manage change

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything there is to do? Are there times when you find it difficult to remain focused? Do you sometimes wish that you could achieve more than you are doing at present? Would you like to have a better work/life balance? Then coaching may be for you.

What does it entail?

Most people find forty-five minutes to an hour per week sufficient. There are no gimmicks or high pressure sales techniques involved. Your programme will be worked out to suit your needs. Together we will work to understand your cognitive processes, identify what motivates you, what blocks you and, once you are clear about where you are going, work to keep you on target. As with any plan, there will be a need for ongoing assessment and review, perhaps leading to new strategies or even new goals. For how long depends on individual needs. Coaching to achieve change is normally short-term and lasts from one to six months.

As an outsider, I can provide the skills; you are the expert, though you may not know it. Together we can access that expertise. Have you ever wondered why you can go so far and no further? These are the invisible blocks we can identify and enable you to overcome.

How would it take place?

It is useful to have at least the initial session face to face. For individual work, it is then possible to use telephone and e-mail for ongoing sessions. Companies may need a mix of sessions, including one-to-one and training. There is likely to be homework to do consisting of brief exercises done on a regular basis. This is part of the system for achieving cognitive and behavioural change.


This ranges between £55 and £75 per session, depending on the size of the company. If you are not certain whether coaching is for you, then ask for a half-price trial session.

Contact: For an informal discussion, or if you have any further queries, then please e-mail me at faith@faithstafford.co.uk or phone 01392 677950.

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