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Supervision / Consultancy Support

Supervision is an ethical requirement for those working in the counselling field. Increasingly, others who fill responsible and demanding jobs are recognising the benefits of supportive supervision from an independent person who does not have a conflict of interests. This is often better defined as consultancy support and can include an element of coaching. In this capacity, I have worked with managers, social workers, nurses and educational psychologists.

The supervisor will help the supervisee to review his/her work so as to take learning from it what needs to be celebrated as well as what needs to be done differently. Often it is a matter of allowing unconscious processes to become conscious, within a safe environment. Supervision allows time to reflect on the development and training of the supervisee and to consider where and how this can take place. It allows space for the resolution of conflicting demands and provides an opportunity to discharge some of the emotional build-up that results from working closely with people.

I recognise the BACP defined tasks of supervision ie. education, support and management/quality control and, alongside these, I value the opportunity for creativity and exploring ideas. My approach is humanistic and integrative in that I see the supervisee as a whole. My model is influenced by the Process Model (Hawkins/Shohet); the Working Alliance (Proctor/Inskipp); Michael Carroll and Elizabeth Holloway; The Cyclical Model (Page & Woskett); the person-centred approach, coaching and my own model of counselling. I am accredited by the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy as a supervisor of individuals and groups and abide by their code of ethics.


For an appointment, phone 01392 677950. If you have any queries which have not been answered by this information, you could e-mail me at faith@faithstafford.co.uk.

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