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Team Development

"The consensus was that the day was a positive and enabling experience for everyone." Social Services Manager

"I felt that everyone there was equal in that everyone had one agenda - the team and how to improve its function." Team Member

"We were helped to focus on issues that we can change, everyone was included and we left with clear goals and positive strategies for moving forward." Charity Worker

"The facilitators were excellent! They seemed to understand the difficulties and people's vulnerabilities and, while they kept us focused, we could all take part because the environment was safe." Team Member


"The most important thing for me was that the tutors knew their stuff and could put it across in a supportive way." Mary

"We were enabled to work together. Everyone's contribution was valued and it was safe to learn and to make mistakes!" Sally

"I enjoyed the mix of theory and practical work. I left the course feeling I could go out there and do it myself and that feels great." Jenny


"Being able to make sense of things, just knowing how everything fitted together and then seeing the changes I can make - that's what helped me. I no longer feel at the mercy of things." Paul

"I feel so much better in myself, happier, lighter and more confident. I no longer feel that everyone is judging me or that I have to perform all the time for people to like me; I can be myself." Jill

"All of my relationships have improved and I can function so much better at work. Things with my boss had been heading downhill and this was really the last hope for me. I'm really glad I came." Dave

"We came thinking our relationship was over and now we have fallen in love all over again." Steve and Mary

"Following a breakdown and depression caused by outside influences, Faith helped us immensely by listening, understanding and suggesting various strategies. This helped us to cope and put our lives back on track." Rob and Maggie


"I undertook a series of coaching sessions during a time when I was extremely stressed in my workplace, and was actually questioning whether I was making any impact and whether I should resign and change direction.

During my period of coaching I had the time to stand back and reflect on certain situations, and above all, with Faith's expertise and guidance, began to have an understanding of what exactly was happening. I began to see that I had control of the situation, and could make changes which would enable me to be more effective.

In fact during each session there seemed to be a moment where, figuratively speaking, I felt the light had been switched on! I can only say that now I am happy and fulfilled with my work, sure there are still moments of stress and pressure, but I now am able to manage them in a positive and productive way." Senior Manager

"I was introduced to telephone coaching through Faith's work. It came at a time when I was needing to re-examine my personal values and work aspirations. I also needed to put smart goals and action plans in place.

I expected and appreciated the fact that I was always left with responsibility for myself!

Faith has a very soothing voice, which belies a steely determination to support her clients to be specific, congruent and to achieve their goals. What more could I ask for? I found her approach to be supportive, clear-thinking, firm and encouraging wherever necessary. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an archetypical professional coach to anyone who is committed to personal development/wishing to make changes in their business." Kemi Oladapo
Positive Impact

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